Published research articles


Lu, K., Kaluzeviciute, G., Sharp, W. (in press, to be published in May). Things Can Only Get Stranger: Theoretical and Clinical Reflections on Netflix’s Stranger Things. Journal of Popular Culture.

Jessiman, P., Kidger, J., Spencer, L., Geijer-Simpson, E., Kaluzeviciute, G., Burn. A., Leonard, N., Limmer, M. (2022). School culture and student mental health; A qualitative study in UK secondary schools. BMC Public Health,  22, 619.

Meganck, R., Krivzov, J., Notaerts, L., Willemsen, J., Kaluzeviciute, G., Dewaele, A., & Desmet, M. (2022). The Single Case Archive: Review of a Multitheoretical Online Database of Published Peer-Reviewed Single-Case Studies. Psychotherapy.

Kaluzeviciute, G., Jessiman, T., Burn, A., Ford, T., Kidger, J., Leonard, N., Limmer, M., Spencer, L. (2022). Studying Mental Health in Schools: A Participatory Action Research (PAR) Approach in Public Mental Health. Journal of Concurrent Disorders.


Kotera, Y., Kaluzeviciute, G., Bennett-Viliardos, L. (2021). Qualitative Investigation into Pre- and Post-natal Experience of Parents of Triplets. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

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Kotera, Y., Kaluzeviciute, G., Lloyd, C. M., Edwards, A., Ozaki, A. (2021). Qualitative Investigation into Therapists’ Experiences of Online Therapy and Implications for Working Clients. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, 10295.

Kotera, Y., Chircop, J., Hutchinson, L., Rhodes, C., Green, P., Maxwell-Jones, R., Kaluzeviciute, G., Garip, G. (2021). Loneliness in Online Students with Disabilities: Qualitative Appraisal for Experience, Understanding and Solutions. Journal of Education Technology in Higher Education, 18(64).

Kaluzeviciute, G. & Lloyd, C.E.M. (2021). A Qualitative Exploration of CBT and Psychodynamic Therapists’ Views, Experiences and Perceptions of Integrating Different Therapeutic Modalities into their Private Practice with Adult Clients: Study Protocol. Journal of Concurrent Disorders.

Knowles, E., Kotera, Y., & Kaluzeviciute, G. (2021). The Psychosocial Impact of Instagram on Female Body Image: Literature Review and Proposal. Journal of Concurrent Disorders.

Kaluzeviciute, G. (2021). Appraising Psychotherapy Case Studies in Practice–Based Evidence: Introducing Case Study Evaluation–tool (CaSE) for Systematic Case Studies. Psychology: Research and Review/Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica34, 9.

Kaluzeviciute, G. (2021). Letter to the Editor: Response about Scientific Thinking Styles. International Journal of Psychoanalysis102(1), 191-193.

Kotera, Y., Dosedlova, J., Andrzejewski, D., Kaluzeviciute, G., Sakai, M. (2021). From Stress to Psychopathology: Relationship with Self-Reassurance and Self-Criticism in Czech University Students. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction

Kotera, Y., Cockerill, V., Chircop, J., Kaluzeviciute, G., Dyson, S. (2021). Predicting Self-Compassion in UK Nursing Students: Relationships with Resilience, Engagement, Motivation, and Wellbeing. Nurse Education in Practice, 51, 102989,ISSN 1471-5953.


Kaluzeviciute, G., & Willemsen, J. (2020). Scientific thinking styles: The different ways of thinking in psychoanalytic case studies. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 101(5),900-922.

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Kaluzeviciute, G. (2020). The role of empathy in psychoanalytic psychotherapy: A historical exploration. Cogent Psychology, 7(1), 1748792.


Kaluzeviciute, G. (2016). Evaluating Kierkegaard’s eros and agape: an alternative Leap to Faith. Dialogue, 59(1), 162-175.

Published book chapters

Kotera, Y., Kaluzeviciute, G., Garip, G., McEwan, K., & Chamberlain, K.J. (2021). Health benefits of ikigai: A review of literature. In Y. Kotera & D. Fido (Eds.), Ikigai: Towards a psychological understanding of a life worth living. Concurrent Disorders Society Publishing.

Kotera, Y., Bennett-Viliardos, L., Phillips, C.F.F., Lloyd, C. & Kaluzeviciute, G. (2021). A review of mental health in healthcare students: Strategies and suggestions. In M. Zangeneh (Ed.), Mental health of university/college students. Concurrent Disorders Society Publishing. 

Public scholarship

Interview: “The resurgence of phobias and fears during the pandemic: why are we afraid, and when should we seek help?” DELFI. December 21, 2021..

Interview: “The pandemic’s double impact on Europeans – how to maintain emotional wellbeing in this time”. DELFI. October 30, 2021.

Article: “The financial pressure is real – but please don’t penalise vulnerable graduate teachers” (co-written with O. Arigho-Stiles, A. Neag). WONKHE. May 8, 2020.

A reflective report: transgender and transsexual case studies. The Single Case Archive. June 9, 2016.

Book review: “Case Studies and the Dissemination of Knowledge” (Eds. J. Damousi, B. Lang, K. Sutton). The Single Case Archive. April 11, 2016.

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