New book contributions on Stranger Things

So stoked to be a part of Dr. Travis Langley‘s (Henderson University, US) “Stranger Things Psychology: Life Upside Down” book! 📚✍️

Some of you may recall that I have a fun and nerdy psychology side-project – writing about popular media from various psychological perspectives. It started with an international collaboration – myself, Dr. William Sharp (Northeastern University, US) and Prof. Kevin Lu (University of Essex, UK) published a psychoanalytic interpretation of Netflix’s Stranger Things, focusing on nostalgia, attachment, and loss:

This very publication is now going to be featured alongside other expert contributions exploring the theme of growing up and the pains of adolescence as portrayed in Stranger Things in the new book. We also worked on a follow-up paper reflecting on the newest season of Stranger Things. The show’s ability to balance that with which we are familiar at a conscious level, and that which we dissociate as completely “Other,” speaks to the very aspects of mental life to which psychoanalysis lays claim. Hearing the music we loved, seeing the toys we once owned, and revisiting the games we once played hook us in, but we stay with the series because a deeper stratum of the human psyche has been touched and activated. We are both fascinated and terrified by what might be lurking around the next corner—what we will find out about our protagonists and what, in the process, we ultimately discover about ourselves.

Honoured to have worked with Will and Kevin, and grateful to Travis for including our work in the book! Travis is best known for “Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight,” a book exploring the psychology of Gotham City’s Dark Knight – I wholeheartedly recommend it to my nerdy/psych (or, ideally, both!) friends 😊

You can pre-order “Stranger Things Psychology: Life Upside Down” here:…/dp/1684429099

The proceeds go to help rescue and assist missing and exploited children.

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