Recent presentations

Over the last two weeks, I presented my doctoral research at several institutions and conferences:

  • April 12th: Lecture presentation at Vilnius University, Institute of Psychology, Lithuania on “Evidence and practice-based psychotherapy: the case study method” via Zoom. The lecture was attended by 110 participants, many of whom were UG and MA psychology students as well as academic staff from VU, but also clinical practitioners and therapists. If you are interested in accessing the recording (in Lithuanian), please email:
  • April 21st: Lecture presentation to undergraduate psychology students at Krea University, India on the topic of “The Case Study Method in Psychotherapy”. The Q&A part of the lecture was hosted by Essex alumni Dr Anusnigdha, who is currently an Assistant Professor at Krea University.
  • April 22nd: conference presentation to the Research and Dissemination group at The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities in the UK. The presentation was titled “The Efficacy of Single Case Studies”, during which I outlined methodological pluralism within the case study genre, and with it, the different types of case studies, such as clinical, systematic and experimental (Iwakabe & Gazzola, 2009). Particular attention was drawn to the systematic case study, which is currently seen as one of the most pragmatic methodologies due to its ability to draw in information relevant to psychotherapy research and practice (Fishman, 2005) as well as its complementarity for large-scale studies like RCTs (Dattilio et al., 2010). The presentation also addressed where systematic case studies are currently placed within the myriad of “shades of evidence”, including ongoing debates on efficacy vs effectiveness, internal vs external validity, and practice vs research. Finally, I discussed an example of a single systematic case study from the Single Case Archive (SCA) by using a novel Case Study Evaluation-tool (CaSE) (Kaluzeviciute, 2021). The presentation was attended by approximately 50 participants.

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